Sailability is a program at the Canberra Yacht Club offering an additional level of support, an established network of volunteers, and equipment to assist people of all-abilities to get into sailing. It is an international program first introduced by the CYC during 2017.

Here are some of the ways sailing is inclusive:

    Different types of boat provided by clubs including the Hansa  Class that are easy to sail.

    Instructors that are able to adapt their teaching methods to suit individuals of all-abilities.

    Equipment to assist those with limited mobility to get into and out of boats.

    Modified docking areas that are accessible.

    Affordable options to participate.

    Events for people of all-abilities to compete.

    The Sailing Pathway for people of all-abilities to progress through.

If you have a disability and wish to experience “Freedom on the Water”, you are especially welcome. Sailing is conducted typically on a Sunday morning during the warmer months.



To participate in these sailing activities contact the CYC office by Email here - don't forget a contact number! - or call us on 02 6273 4777.

Sailability Volunteers

Volunteers are essential to making the sport accessible and there are many different ways you can become involved, including roles that don’t require any prior sailing experience. CYC Sailability welcomes new volunteers and many will be offered training to assist them in their roles. The types of training for volunteers may include: Rigging boats, Welcoming sailors and carers, Dock hands helping getting sailors into boats, Safety boat drivers and crew, Administration of daily operations, and Boat maintenance. Some of the other volunteer opportunities with Sailability include: fundraising, media and public relations, general administration, social activities organiser.

Those wishing to help and volunteer for the Sailability Program at the CYC will have to obtain a Working with Vulnerable People Card, this can be done on-line and is FREE for those volunteering for this activity with Sailability CYC. Click here to get your card.  It would be great to see CYC members also to assist with Sailability activities, aside from race duty.

To volunteer please contact the CYC office Email us here - don't forget a contact number or call us on 02 6273 4777. 

The CYC has provided a shelter, which is the on-land component of the 'Inclusive Sailing' project at the Canberra Yacht Club. The on water jetty aspect of the project has been funded by the National Capital Authority. The jetty is a purpose built structure designed for the easy access for the sailors to be craned using a hoist while allowing volunteers easy access to both sides of the boat, the low freeboard also makes this easy for more able-bodied sailors to get into the boats.