Seaplane Trial Flights

The National Capital Authority has announced a period of Seaplane trial flights on Lake Burley Griffin from 14 March to 19 March. During the trial there will be a number of flights each day, most likely a far higher number of takeoffs and landings than we might expect if normal operations go ahead. The CYC has been working closely with seaplane operators and the NCA around these trials, and they have come about as a result of meetings held between the operators and CYC in February. Of particular importance to the club was the inclusion of Central Basin as a landing and take off option for the planes, and we look forward to seeing how this will work in practice. The trial flights will examine options for take-off and landing including the viability of Central Basin as an alternative to West Basin, at times that the pilot judges Central Basin to be a safer and less disruptive option.
For those sailing or using the lake during the trials, the instructions from the operators are simple; do not modify your activities. So we will be running all of our usual training and racing activities during the week, and members are encouraged to sail as they normally would. The operators will then select a landing site on the lake that they judge to be the safest and least likely to disrupt activities. There will be more information for CYC Members around these trials in the lead up to the 14th, including possible information sessions for members, or organised opportunities to view landings and take-offs.