Buoyed Up with Tackers

Buoyed Up with Tackers, is an initiative which assists vulnerable, at-risk children aged 7-12 years to participate in the Tackers Junior Sailing program as a way to build confidence, self-esteem and engage in an active lifestyle.

The program provides children from disadvantaged backgrounds with a unique fun-based opportunity that will enhance their general life skills and capabilities. Children participate in all three levels of the Tackers program, either during the school day or over several years. Providing the complete Tackers Pathway is important in developing skills and allowing participants to transition into club membership and ongoing participation. 

The program eventually aims to train the participants as Assistant Instructors and Instructors, offering a vocational pathway or part-time employment, as well as an avenue to give back to the club.

Starting in the ACT in 2012, Communities@Work, the Canberra Yacht Club, Yachting Australia and the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation established a model for the development of the program, which has delivered these life skill building programs to over 1,000 of Canberra’s young  children.

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For more information about ‘Buoyed Up with Tackers’ contact:

Matthew Owen, CEO Canberra Yacht Club at matt.owen@canberrayachtclub.com.au


Getting disadvantaged kids into sailing.